Alan joined UKIP in September 2014 and became a member of the Houghton & Sunderland South committee as Chairman in January 2016. He is standing as a local council candidate for Sunderland Silksworth ward.

2 - Alan Davies - his thoughts on the world today

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So we are looking over the precipice of WWIII! After a dramatic about face by Trump, and belligerent talk and actions by the rest of the ‘Free’ world, the hawks in the Pentagon and our government are at last having their way and direct action is being taken against Bashar Al-Assad and his government.

Have they not learned from the Hussain and Gadaffi fiasco? They want to do exactly the same again in Syria? I don’t know Assad apart from seeing him on TV in his blue suit, with measured words advising America that they are acting on ‘fake news’. But whatever he is - a mad butcher who will do anything to hold on to power, or a misunderstood politician who wants to make the middle east a safer place for all, - he is a far more palatable option than Daesh, or the rebels we are assisting to overthrow him. He and his regime are secular and while IS would wipe Christians and Christianity from the face of the Earth, at least Syria does not persecute them.

Far more pressing for the world is defeating Daesh in Syria. The Iraqi government are ‘winning’ their war against them, with western assistance, but in Syria it is more complicated for Assad’s forces. They have to fight against rebel forces too, with the incredulous backing of America, Britain and the West. If Syria is to win against IS, then they have to get past the rebel forces first.

In the absence of any meaningful attempt by the West to tackle IS, the Russians, having had their own atrocities at their hands, saw what needed to be done and joined with Syria to take on IS. The West’s indignation at being showed up as weak by Russia and Syria is apparent by their constant berating of both no matter what they do. Far from pushing Russia towards a conflict with the West, we should be standing side by side with them, dealing with the real threat to the world – IS.

To think that Assad would use chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhoun (WMDs – the same things that we wrongly thought Hussein had in Iraq – do we never learn?) is stretching his intelligence to extraordinary limits. He, with Russia’s help, is winning the wars against the rebels and Daesh. To use chemical weapons would risk turning the world against him even more than it is (as they have), risk Russia walking away from their coalition and losing all the gains he has made.

Conversely, if the rebels could use chemical weapons, and blame it on Assad, then the west would give them more support and join in their fight against Assad and Russia (which they have). Also, there is nothing Daesh would like more than to provoke a war between America and Russia, and World War Three. In the fog of war, with fake news abundant in the world and amongst the twitteratzi, how on Earth the Americans have proved to themselves who the real culprits are within 2 days is beyond me. The only people who would lose out by the use of WMDs, apart from the poor innocents in the firing line, are Assad’s regime.

Far from blameless in this tragedy are the media. The same media that egged on Tony Blair when he stood shoulder by shoulder with George Bush and brought us to war over lies and fake news, are now almost as one calling for Assad’s head. They invent their own fake news in an unfathomable attempt to bring us to war. For instance a favourite poll from Sky News is ‘How many people would back British military intervention in Syria’. 51% say they would. They use this as proof of the feeling against Assad. If the question was put with the choice of military action in Syria against the Syrian Government or against Deash, they would get a very different but more relevant answer. The vast majority would support military action against Deash ALONGSIDE Syria. But they won’t ask that. Turkey performed autopsies on some of the dead from Khan Sheikhoun. They found that chemical weapons did indeed cause the deaths. Sky, in their wisdom, reported this as ‘Turkey have found that Chemical Weapons were used, proving that the Syrian regime are responsible’. How does that follow? Turkey themselves have rubbished that analysis but to no avail. Assad is guilty as charged, in the eyes of the American hawks.

During the cold war, we used to look at the Soviet military leaders and worry over their hawkish and serious appearance. Well take a look at the members of the US military top table and worry again. If sense does not prevail soon, we will be in a major war with the only winners likely to be Daesh.