What does the EU do for us?

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Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Czeck Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta.

28 countries in total. Norway and Switzerland notable absentees


Britain's contributed to the EU in 2015 was £18 billion minus £5 billion discount. The EU spent £4.5 billion on us, leaving a net cost of £8.5 billon. Since 2004, the UK's contribution has about doubled, coinciding with 9 East European countries becoming members.


 In December 1988, the last shipyard at Pallion closed – courtesy of a deal done between the Conservative government and the European Commission.

The then EEC wanted to cut shipbuilding capacity and the subsidies given to existing state owned shipyards during this period. The government made a deal with the EEC (now the EU) – and the Sunderland yards (considered the most efficient yards in Europe) wereto go. This meant :

  1. All yards to close once existing work finished.
  2. All yards to be demolished.
  3. EEC to give £45m to the area to fund a new ‘enterprise zone’.
  4. A 10 year ban on any shipbuilding/ship repair business.

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