Alan joined UKIP in September 2014 and became a member of the Houghton & Sunderland South committee as Chairman in January 2016. He is standing as a local council candidate for Sunderland Silksworth ward.

Alan Davies - his thoughts on Brexit

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It needn’t be all ‘Doom and Gloom’.

We certainly live in interesting times, politically. With Brexit, Trump, everlasting UKIP leadership contests, Labour’s Tom and Jerry cartooning and fisticuffs at Strasbourg, it’s no wonder that the membership of our branch has hit an all-time high. Some might have thought that our job is done but nothing could be further from the truth. We are far more than just an EU extractor but anyway, we’re still in the EU and until the decree absolute is received we can’t count our chickens.

Those of you (that’s probably most of you) taking an interest in developments over the pond will have been struck with the similarities between the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump’s crusade. Apart from the fact that many of the arguments were similar, both turned out to be a tussle between the rich, famous and elite, and the rest of the country. The ‘popular vote’ was on the side of Brexit in the UK and was used as a derogatory term until Hillary Clinton claimed it in America. Suddenly there are calls for the election rules to be changed and there are riots on the streets. Bad losers are not confined to this side of the Atlantic.

Examples of bad losers over here are Gina Miller and her rich friends in the City. Guyana-born Ms Miller and her hedge fund manager husband, Alan, live in a £7 million Chelsea home and are just the sort of people that those Brexit voters were rising up against. Ms Miller tells us that she and the other claimants in the case (ex-pats, foreign businesses and huge London law firms) were simply trying to ensure due process by involving parliament in the Article 50 negotiations. Who are they trying to kid? Their sole aim is to delay, frustrate and scupper Brexit at all costs and they won’t rest until they succeed. We have much work to do still.

It was odds on that the judges would come down on their side. All lords, they are also part of the cosseted Europhile elite. One thing the EU did bring to the UK is a myriad of laws, maintaining and increasing the wealth and influence of the judiciary. Judges love the European Convention of Human Rights too, lining their pockets very nicely thank you. (Although the ECHR is not directly part of the EU, they are inextricably linked. Perhaps UKIP should be more vociferous in their opposition to the Human Rights Act, which makes our judges defer to the ECHR).

Don’t hold out much hope that an appeal, if it goes ahead, will be any different either. Many of the Appeal Court judges have links to Europe and there is no reason to believe that they won’t have the same skewed views as the High Court. The deputy of the panel, Lady Hale, has already put her pro-EU views out there. The Prime Minister might believe that she has a case, and she will be getting legal advice to that effect, but English laws are interpreted by the judges and their interpretation is what counts. I don’t have a clue why our laws need to be interpreted at all. Why aren’t they written in English?

As I understand it, the point of the claimants was that their “rights” cannot be taken away other than by parliament. But the government are planning to enshrine all EU laws into UK laws, and only after exiting the EU will they repeal some (most?) of those laws. That is the time that Parliament would be needed to vote, to change or remove “rights”, not to start Article 50.

Back to our old friend Donald. Despite his bee-line to the White House being billed as the masses versus the Elite, as in Brexit, his many foes maintain that the billionaire is himself one of the ‘elite’. That may be, but that’s not how his supporters see it. He may have inherited a few bob and there’s no doubt, just looking at his gold plated front door, that he is one of the privileged rich, but the man can stoop lower than anyone I know. Huge funds were required to mount any challenge to Hillary’s campaign. He’s worth the best part of $4 Billion but still spent only about 1/3 of the amount spent by the Clinton camp.

The USA had a terrible choice of candidates, and in my opinion Trump was the second-worst option. Probably no one is more shocked and anxious by his winning than Trump himself. He has some genuine supporters, of course, and one of them came up with the line “We took him seriously, but not literally, while the Clinton side took him literally but not seriously.” Hence the result.

One way The Donald can be useful is by pressing the US to lead the way in Syria, where inaction by the west has allowed Russia to do the right thing and join with Assad to help him to regain control of his country. UK and US hostility to Assad has led them to encourage and support the Syrian rebels. Everyone else being busy fighting each other has allowed IS to gain a foothold.

The West’s inability to learn from their devastating blunders in removing Gaddafi and Saddam is astounding. Wanting to do the same again with Assad is ridiculously inept. These leaders may be monsters, but they are monsters controlling monsters, as one US commentator put it. Assad is continually blamed for ‘bombing his own people’, as if bombing other countries’ people is somehow more palatable. Europe and the US attempts to prevent him from doing that has directly led to IS being able to take over much of Syria. With terrorists being the scourge of Europe, the UK and the US, it is strange indeed that we give them succour when in North Africa and the Middle East, whether it be IS, ‘Arab Spring’ rebels or Hamas. There was little condemnation when the Arab Spring marchers had their own spree of beheadings, giving us a glimpse of who these people really were. We should choose our friends more carefully.

The West needs to learn that democracy is not the answer for every country. It is not fashionable to say so, but most Muslim countries do not lend themselves to ballots and referenda. Out of the many Islamic countries of the world, perhaps Malaysia and Indonesia are the only significant, functioning democracies. Most other Muslim ‘democracies’ relieve the boredom with regular coups, assassinations, wars and military takeovers. If democracy can ever work in the vast majority of these places, with their clans, factions, warlords and incompatible variations of Islam, let them discover it for themselves. Can you imagine ever improving the lives of people under Daesh by the rule of law? (Can you imagine Turkey in the EU?)

Russia stepped in where the West would not, and they are slated by the West and its media on a daily basis for doing so. There is light at the end of the Obama tunnel though, with Trump being just about the only western politician agreeing with what Putin is doing. Why cannot these leaders see that an alliance of Russia, the US and the UK (with the little we can contribute with our depleted forces) can finally wipe the earth clean of the scourge of IS? If the Russians are wrong to be bombing Aleppo, then we have a far better chance of influencing them as their partners. There was fat chance of that ever happening with Hillary Clinton involved. World War Three was more likely.

Putin is much maligned for bombing Aleppo, yet I have not heard one western voice protesting about rebels using its citizens as human shields. Indeed, one report by Sky News, from within the rebel’s enclave, complained that ‘there are only a few rebels to protect the population of Aleppo from Putin’s aggression’. What??? These cowardly rebels are directly responsible for the deaths and devastation in that city, simply by hiding themselves there.

Hopefully, Trump will see that not all of the UK is happy to ridicule him and wish to ban him from our shores. In Farage, he will see someone who has some similar ideals and ideas and is able to put them across in a more rational and coherent manner. Perhaps the Government might see sense and use the two people it has tried so very hard to alienate to facilitate some actual good in the world.

So, Donald Trump freefalling to the White House and leader of the free world might be the stuff of nightmares to some, but with luck and a myriad of frantic advisors, perhaps it just might not be the end of the world.