Why should anyone vote for UKIP?

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Most people reading UKIP policies agree that they make sense, are fair, and should be taken up by all parties.  The major two parties, however, have continued to attract the majority of votes and either The Conservatives or Labour will win the most votes on May 7th. What, then, would be the point of voting for UKIP?

UKIP have been attracting around 20% of the national vote for the last year or so.  This has caused the main parties to take notice. Take notice not just of UKIP, but of their policies.  There is no doubt that there would be no talk of an EU referendum or any mention of immigration if it wasn't for UKIP.  And UKIP alone wouldn't have achieved it - it was the support of the public in the opinion polls and the ballot box.  These votes are not 'protest votes'.  A protest vote would be to the Monster Raving Loony Party, or a spoilt paper.  No, UKIP voters were endorsing their policies - plain and simple.  And it worked.  Our policies are being taken seriously, and taken up, by the big two.  However, come May, one of them will form a government (with help from other, smaller, parties).  Once that happens, there is nothing to make them continue to address your concerns.  Only continued and strong UKIP support can do that.

UKIP forced Labour to apologise for their disastrous handling of immigration during Blair and Brown.  But don't be fooled into thinking they will change.  Their main driving force for large-scale immigration is still there.  Immigrants are still more likely to gratefully vote Labour.  Also, Labour aren't going to be apologising for long.  They want it forgotten.  Labour most definitely want to remain in Europe and won't give the public their say.  However, a strong UKIP vote will remind them what the public really want. 

The Conservative party are more likely to hold an in/out referendum - Mr Cameron has stated so.  However he, amongst a minority in his party, believes we should remain governed by Europe.  He will, no doubt, attempt to gain concessions and changes that benefit the UK, and bring some power back to us.  Germany, however, have said that they won't give us our way.  So has the EU general Secretary, Juncker.  And why should a club change its whole ethos for one member?  It works ok for them, on one land mass, 'ruled' by a strong Germany.  Greece struggle with the EU and Norway are doing very nicely without it they are Europe's richest country.  Common denominator?  Both are almost physically detached from Europe - almost islands.  Our islands have led Europe and the world for centuries.  We are now being led by Brussels.  We can, and should. Lead our own way.

So Britain won't get the changes we want.  The Prime Minister will do all he can to delay, or even avoid, having the referendum and if he has to have one, he will dress it up and use his power in Government to ensure it goes his way - remaining in.  Only a strong UKIP vote, and enough MPs elected, would keep him fair. 

And what about the North East?  We are a special case.  Sunderland is a Labour 'heartland'.  Our parents and grandparents voted Labour, so we do too.  We are an industrial area, so Labour, with their union masters, are our natural allies?  Not anymore!  Labour have deserted their working class roots and don't deserve the support it has enjoyed in the North East.  Sunderland's Labour-controlled council have done nothing for our city for years, their complacency ensuring that our ship-building, glass and brewery industries ceased, and the Vaux site, our once-lovely seaside and our roads languished in inactivity for years.  Until now!  There has seldom been more work on our roads or money spent on Roker and Seaburn before now.  The people of Sunderland can see through the cynical way that things are finally being done now that an election is imminent.

Our Labour council has had its day and change is coming.  However, the Conservative Party still struggles to attract enough votes in Sunderland. In the last council elections, UKIP gained 12,000 more votes than the Tories, and came second to Labour in 75% of the wards.  Only by voting UKIP can you bring change to this City.